Database Integration

Hello  I have some doubt and i want to ask  i hope you will  help me      How to   do Database  Integration Except Mendix  default database can we integrate any other database like Oracel ,MYSQL SQL etc if  YES then how and if  NO  then why  ??     Thank You
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As to your question about databases compatible with Mendix: please have a look here:

Mendix Databases


Hi Rajat,

To connect for example a MS SQL database, you can follow these steps:

- Create a database in MS SQL server

- In Mendix, under the project tab in the file explorer open your settings.

- Open one of the configurations

-Set database type to MS SQL Server (here you can see other available types).

- Set the correct name and authorisation, standard URL is localhost:1433 I believe

Now you can start your app and it should work. If there is a pop-up click on synchronize database.

Hope this helps!