Attribute from Entity1 which sums attribute from Entity2 or 3

Hi, I have an object event whereby I want to get the sum of an attribute. However, it is not working properly if I try to have a separate entity with an attribute to sum an attribute from another entity, even with an association. However, it does work when the attribute is from the same entity as the other attribute I’m trying to sum, but I won’t be able to only have one whole sum, and it only sums that one object. Here are screenshots of my work, as well as a diagram describing what it is I’m trying to achieve. The second screenshot is the desired outcome. Thank you.  
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Hi Yusuf, that is because the changed object 'Module’ in a microflow is different to the object 'Module’ being retrieved by the user. That is because you keep a version of this object in the memory of the server when changing this in a microflow. If you want to show the user these changes, you either have to do a 'refresh in client’ change action if the MF is executed after the page is already open (an option in your change 'module’ action which will tell the server to push the new data to the client), or commit these changes first if you are showing the page after calculating this sum.