Validate enumeration to users enumeration input?

Hi, my create object input only really works if a certain enumeration field is selected. But the enumerations are user-made based on user inputs. Using a microflow and decision parameter, how do I check if it’s a certain user input? Or is there a way to make it so that there are only one user-made enumeration based on where I place my create object button? First screenshot is the create object form, second screenshot is where the button comes from. On the second screenshot, I drew an arrow as to what I want the only enumeration selection to validate, as well as made a square around the create object button. Third screenshot is my domain model for context. Thank you, and please do let me know if there is anything else you want me to show.
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Your create button is placed inside the Module dataview. You can call a microflow on press of the create button. In that microflow you will have Module as an input parameter which will come from the page where your create button is placed. Create the object of Assessed and set the association Assessed_Module. 

After that show the page as in 1st screenshot and disable (make it non editable) the dropdown to select Module.

Hope this helps!