Set an association to create object in microflow

Hi, I was wondering how to set an association to create object within a microflow. Say the input parameter is Entity1, the object created is Entity3, and I want to ‘set the association to Entity3_Entity1’, how do I go about this. Also, how do I create the object within the microflow to be equal to only one user-created data from Entity3_Entity1/Entity1/Attribute? This will have a selection of one aspect of data which links them both together, but I want to grey out this field and only have it specific to one data entry the user made. The Entity3_Entity1/Entity1/Attribute will be a dropdown of various data made by the user, but I want it specific to the previous page (current page is the create page).   Is there a way to do this?
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In the microflow add activity ‘Change object’ with Entity3 as parametervalue. Then, like changing an attribute, click ‘New’, select Entity3_Entity1, and select Entity1 as the object to associate to.