mass update attribute on accounts - excel import

Hi, I’m trying to mass update an attribute located on my user accounts. I would like this to happen without any other impact other than just this single string value being updated.   The object has this json structure { "Name": "string", "Email": "string", "PrivateEmail": "string", "UserType": "HR", "Statute": "Freelancer", "Company": "AUSY_Belgium_NV", "Car": "Own_Car", "sNumber": "string", "MpleoId": "string", "Unit": "string", "Account": { "Email": "string", "Name": "string", "Password": "string", "FullName": "string" } }   My goal is to update the “MpleoId” of every existing user in my database.   I’ve tried to create a template sheet which uses Account/Email as key value in column 0 and the updated “MpleoId” value in column 2. This does not seem to do the trick. Is what i am trying to achieve possible through excel importer?
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I definitely think this is possible, it’s just a matter of getting the configurations correct. If you haven’t already I’d recommend you take a look at this documentation on importing data from an excel sheet:

General Info

Automatically generating import template from excel file:

First I’d recommend you prep your excel sheet how you want it, as you’ve described above, and then I’d recommend you perform the automatic template generation step using that prepared excel sheet. If you’ve already done these steps, you’d need to provide more in depth information on the exact errors/functionality you’re seeing so I can provide some additional help.

Also, something to look out for here, if it’s applicable for your project, is security if you haven’t double-checked that yet.

Good luck!