How not to adjust the width of the column on the data grid

Hi, I am working on showing the people’s information on the website using the data grid feature.  As the pictures below show, the each column of the table’s width is not fixed. I mean, when the user puts the cursor on the left or right frame of the table, he or she can adjust the width size of the table. But I don’t want the feature, and I want the table’s width to be fixed. Does anyone know how to do this? I use a regular data grid from the data container.   before adjusting: we want to keep this width but when users click and hold the side frame of the data table and move the mouse, the width of each column will be changed like the picture below, I don’t want this.
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No, there is no option to set a table to have fixed width. Even adding to the datagrid’s style-property:

table-layout: fixed;

does not fix the columns.

Next option I tried, also has no effect: set the width of each and every separate column. So in Studio Pro, select the column of the datagrid and set the width:

and do this for every column. Alas, does not help.

Third try: give the column a class and add this to your styling:

    width:100px !important; //!important is necessary to prevent Mendix overwriting any other selector.