Excepts an object of type “File” which is not available here

how can we resolve this 
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That page is expecting a File object as a parameter, but you are not passing one when using the Open Page action.

Some solutions could be

  • Call a microflow from the navigation to retrieve the necessary File object and then pass that to the page in a Show Page Action.
  • Remove the File parameter from the page if it is not needed
  • If it is needed, you can remove the parameter from the page, but then add a data source microflow inside the page to provide the File object.

Hi Sunil,

Looking at the error, it seems that the page has a dataview which expects object of type File.

If the page needs to be opened from the navigation, either create an object or retrieve based on application logic as required and pass this to a show page activity in microflow.

Hope this helps!

EDIT – See Robert’s answer, you could also achieve this via datasource microflow.