ERROR CE1568 selected page x expects an object..., which is not available here

Hello, I'm a fresher using Django, have very low experience. I'm trying to link my navigation bar to the “booking_new” page. My purpose on this page is to let the user book a visit to the restaurant using the form present on the “booking_new” page. Can someone help me out? Thank you.
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Hi Arthur,


Before you can show a data view on a new_edit page you need to set the context entity so that the data view know what to show. In this case you need to create an object “booking” and then let the user enter it’s attributes.

In the navigation you can set the on click setting of that navigation button to “Create Object”. Select your booking entity and then set the on click page to the “booking_new” page.


Now you can create a booking when clicking on the navigation item.


Hope this helped!