OQL returning random duplicated results using Internal MdxIDs

Hi All. I have an issue where OQL queries being exported to .csv files are returning unexpected random duplicated results and losing others. Using a simple OQL query using a Left Outer join wherein I am retrieving the Mendix ID’s along with other attributes within a timeframe >= selected time, on the whole works correctly. However every now and then I get a resultset where some of the records are duplicated, but the actual rowcount of expected changes is correct. So it is as if the resultset being returned, whilst retrieving the correct data count then manages to duplicate various records and not return others. It seems as though the Left outer join is not working correctly.  I have used a distinct clause within the query to alleviate this issue where I have encountered this in the past, but I am now finding even this does not always work. I am unable to determine what the issue causing this is. The following is an OQL query applied against the Appstore Audit Log from the Audittrail module. Select distinct cast(ID as String) as AuditLogOID, LogObject, cast(“DateTime” as String) as LogDateTime, System.User/Name as UserName, LogType, cast(changedDate as String) as changedDate from AuditTrail.Log left outer join AuditTrail.Log_User/System.User where “DateTime” >= {param};   This forms one, of a set of queries being run on a schedule, that outputs directly to csv files. I am unable to dig deeply into any java  at present, but one of my concerns is that the process is not perhaps handling larger resultsets correctly.    
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