Where specifically is the Mendix database located in Mendix Studio Pro?

It is required to add information to the mendix database and it is not identified where it is in the version of mendix studio pro. please indicate specifically where I can view the general mendix database.
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Hi Melissa Poveda,

We can have access to mendix database when the app is running.
Click on console tab → Advanced → start  built-in database viewer



Please let me know if this was usefull 


In addition to Nicole’s answer…

The database your local application uses is specified in the Project → Settings → Configurations → (active configuration setting) → Database. 

If you are using the Built-in database, follow the instructions Nicole gave. If you are using a different local database, the connection settings will be here.

It’s really not advisable to attempt to change the database from SQL as it’s managed by Mendix and you may end up breaking your application.

What sort of changes are you planning on making and why do you need to make them. We may be able to suggest a better approach.

Hope this helps.