Display diffent forms based on a value.

Hi, I’m quite new to mendix. I would like to display diffent forms (they can be precreated) based on a choice in a refence selector of the use. Basically the user will choose the type of form he/she wants to compile and then send it to the database where all forms are stored. If someone knows how to do this functionality please explain me. Thanks. Below you can see my domain model. The BookOfService has stored multiple name values and based on that you have to show a form.
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You can add multiple containers to a page where you have your reference selector, and set conditional visiblity on each of them which will become visible depending on what’s in the ‘NameOfService’ attribute.

Alternatively, you can create a new page or popup for every form that you want to display. On the reference selector you can then add an on change microflow which will automatically run every time a value changes. Inside the microflow you can then create your own logic with an exclusive split branching out to to different pages based on what’s in $NameOfService attribute. With this method you will end up opening a new page, so make sure to commit any changes to avoid losing progress.