Copying __uuid__ of FileDocument from Dev Database to QA Database

Hello All, The Situation is, I have around 1 TB of Documents (Images, Zip Pacakges etc.) stored on Azure Blob Storage in Development Environment, uploaded and connected through System.FileDocument Entity in Database.  Now I want to copy Entire Azure Storage Documents Data to  Higher Mendix Environment (Acceptance/Production Environment), along with their valid __uuid__  Links stored in Dev Database.  Now if I am exporting and importing FileDocument object in Stage Environment, it is Changing the __uuid__ of that file document in Stage/Production Database. My Requirement is, I want Same __uuid__ of File Document stored in Both the Dev and Prod Databases. Is it possible to Copy the Same __uuid__ From Dev Database to Prod Database. In other words, Can I manually assign __uuid__ to FileDocument Objects in Production Database. Thanks Dherendra  
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Copy the database and the blob storage from for example test to acceptance. Let the Mendix application runtime connect with the copied database and blob storage. You don't need to import file documents in that case.