Need help with displaying lists of database attributes

Hello Mendix Experts! I’m in desperate need of assistance with an application prototype I’m working on for a class project.  I’m having trouble trying to develop a proof of concept for a digital library system.  I’m struggling with the display view for the library’s articles, which are defined in several different entities, including one for uploaded files.   What I’m trying to accomplish is to have select attributes from certain entities displayed in a list or table view that will either a) list the uploaded file with each library article in the list/table view, or b) make the library article clickable, which will display all attributes for the article including the associated uploaded file. For the last couple of weeks, I have played around with the different widgets that appear to be appropriate for this need (e.g., data view, data grid, list view, etc.), but I haven’t been able to figure out how to display each library article with the desired attributes as previously described.  I also worked a bit with microflows, but its still not clear how I can accomplish this goal. I’ve kept the technical details a bit vague because I’m thinking that my approach and expectations of Mendix might be wrong.  So, I’m looking for both design and technical advice as to how to build this proof of concept. All advice is welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks!  
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Sure Mendix can do this and is the right tool for this (or at least one of the right tools).

  • In the list, add a button ‘Edit’;
  • Make the button open a page, on which you have a dataview showing your selected library item;
  • Contained in that dataview have several dataviews and datagrids containing the attributes you need;

That’s all.

Tips for PoCs (or any app):

  • start with the BaseApplication. This will set you ten steps ahead right at the start.
  • checkout and look for an app that kind of matches your requirement