Opening JDBC connection to Some(localhost) failed with SQLState: 08001

We have deployed an Application on-prem in a Windows Server with Service Console and local postgreSQL database. We have observed below issue in some instance and because of this the Application hangs and none of our users are able to log in as the Database connectivity is stopped for some reason all of a sudden. The Log in page opens, but nobody is able to sign in. The only solution as of now is to restart the App service and everything works fine. The full error is as below. Opening JDBC connection to Some(localhost) failed with SQLState: 08001 Error code: 0 Message: Connection attempt timed out. Retrying...(1/4) The connectivity with postgreSQL works normally and suddenly this issue happens. There is nothing else in Console Stack trace apart from above message. When this issue occurs, we have also tried manually connecting to localhost postgreSQL via Commandline and pgADMIN console and they work perfectly fine, but the App somehow loses connectivity in some scenarios and everytime we have to restart the App service in Mendix Service Console which is a big drawback. DB Connection pool also seems OK right b e fore this issue occurs as there are some IDLE connections available. And although there were some spike in DB Throughput at the moment, it was nothing the postgreSQL could not handle. We are using Mendix Studio Pro 9.10.1 for the development of the App PostgreSQL 14 latest for Database.
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