Duplicate Entries

Hi all,  I am creating a dashboard to show data and manage the settings of sensors, which are placed at a PLC. I use a seperate SQL database and use rest calls to retrieve information.  During a microflow I first perform an API call to retrieve all sensor ID’s and fill these in a list. Then I loop over this list and for each sensor I make a single API get request to obtain more information such as the PLC Id. Currently I have 3 sensors in my SQL database which are placed at a single PLC. As such I expect to have one PLC in my overview. However, after completing the microflow the PLC is stored three times in my Mendix Database.  I use an import mapping and set the ‘Obtain Mendix Object’ to ‘Find an object by key’ as shown in the figure below: Moreover, I’ve tried to force the _ID to be unique, by setting the validation on “_ID” to unique. This unfortunately provides me an error. I think this issue is related to an unresolved autocommit issue (as a result, I cannot perform this action during startup). I must say that I am quite new to mendix and uncertain to fix this issue. Does anybody has an idea to resolve this? Thanks in advance!
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