Migrating productions data into acceptance

Hello, I want to use the production’s data in acceptance. For it, I downloaded the database only backup from production (its size is approximately 280 MB) and then uploaded it in acceptance. But, after it is uploaded, when I see the details of the uploaded backup, the size in the ‘Snapshot Size Uncompressed (MB)’ field comes as 0.00.     I wanted to ask that is it the right method to upload a backup and after it is uploaded correctly, how can we use it in acceptance? Thank you.
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You can restore a production database backup directly to your acceptance environment.  Follow these steps:

  • stop your acceptance environment
  • open the Backups page and ensure you have the Production environment selected
  • select the database backup you want to use in the list of production backups and click the Restore Backup button
  • in the dialog box that pops up, choose the Acceptance environment and then click the Restore Backup button
  • You will see a message in the Backups Activity at the bottom of this page indicating that the restore has started, and a separate message when the restore has completed
  • Start your acceptance environment to use the new data

Hope that helps,