List element in list

Hello, so basically I want to try to do smth like here below, which is a list of segments. What I want to have there is list of segments that have a different type of body type and fuel type (and inside there are those cars that fulfil criteria), smth like: SEGMENT A BODY TYPE A FUEL TYPE A PRICE A SEGMENT A BODY TYPE B FUEL TYPE B PRICE A  and etc… So basically I have entity segment that goes to cars entity. Body type and fuel type are enums. I was able to create a list that check if there is a car that have one of those body types. But I want many elements of body types and fuel types for each segment. Is that even possible to do in mendix? If so, do you have any tips how to handle that?
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I would take a different approach than enums – I would make segment, fuel type and body type a separate entity (either a separate entity each, or one entity “Option” with a “Name” and “Price” attribute, depending on your requirements) with an association to the car entity. This allows your users to edit the available segments, fuel types and body types in the live application, and also allows you to add attributes to those specific entities (e.g. a price attribute, a description, etc.).