Retrieve logs of an entity

Hello I am a beginner in Mendix , I am struggling to find a way to retrieve the list of changes(changed by / changed date ) of an entity in the domain model , I tried to store them in another entity I created and called it logs and associated it with the main entity that I want to track the changes on it . here are some screenshots for more comprehension of my issue : Domain Model :     Microflow Called to create the logs when the status(attribute of complaint) of the complaint entity changes(create,etc) :   Inside the create Logs activity of the microflow :   Thank you in advance for your help,
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When you create the Logs entity you need to set the association to Complaints as well (you only set the attributes in the last screenshot, not the association).

Also: your create action does a commit, and then you do a commit action. The commit action is redundant, because you selected commit on the create action