Many-to-Many with association object

Hi, I’ve just finished the Rapid Develope Path and work now on my first app.  When I enter a new result, I want to enter the corresponding ranking/rank in a table or something else for the respective player. However, I do not manage to implement this simple problem. Is there a way/widget to connect Player with Result via Placement as if there was a simple many-to-many between Player and Result, where I can use a Reference Set Selector. Thank you for your answers :)  
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Hi Markus,

The way you set it up now seems like the way to go. If you want to connect them you'll probably have to set up a placement dataview, where you can then associate the placement with a result and with a player through a reference selector. Or is this not what you mean?

Hope this helps?


Hi Markus Herz,
There will be a list of placements for your Result object, since it is  1-* association. You should place a list view inside the Dataview (Result)  with DataSource as  association and inside the list view you can show your Player with a reference selector or Dataview(Retrieved with Association) .



Hope it Helps!!