Retrieve data from production version of application?

This is either kind of tricky or so easy I’ve totally missed it. When our app was built, we – for some reason – didn’t put any kind of data export abilities into it. It is now in a place where it is sort of a rigamarole to get new code deployed, so I was wondering if there is any easy way to download my stored data from the server and have it as a data snapshot to goof around with in the modeler.    Oh yeah, this is in Modeler 6.10.1 – the fate of the galaxy lies in it staying in this version (for some reason). Is there any good way to download just the data from the team server? Or the code too, I don’t care – I am just majorly interested in the data. 
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Hi Christopher,

You can access database via the backup section from the cloud portal. More details here

Once you download, you can restore it locally to your postgres and view the data or use it locally from within the Mx app – see documentation around restore here.

Hope this helps!