From on premise database to Mendix cloud

Hi, I looking into starting to use Mendix platform. I have many on premise SQL database with data and applications that needs a technology update. There is a lot of good info. related to the Mendix Platform. But I am not able to find a good description on how to ; Import a  SQL server db schema into Mendix Studio Pro as my Domain model. A one off migration of all my data from the on premise SQL server database to a SQL server database in the Mendix cloud environment.  
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Please refer to the below forum question. They explained it to the Oracle database.


Hi Toril, 


For Legacy Databases, in Mendix, you can´t direct import a legacy tables as a Mendix Entities!

Mendix has a proprietary domain model to work with his ORM



I think the safe Option (as a Free Account) is using Connectors or OQL and create your own ETL like App to Read legacy Data and populate Mendix Entity Objects.




- Connected to the Legacy Database

- Create SQL to retrieve data and convert do Mendix Objects

- Flows to read legacy data and expose as Rest Services



- Import data from LegacyExportApp



AKA CrashCurse Learning Path has some samples:




Hi Toril Opstvedt,


Go through the following link SQL Database setup in Mendix which explains all your queries related to SQL Setup into Mendix.

Hope this helps!