when do we use generalization in mendix exactly with any real time example

Can anyone elaborate it? 
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Hey there,

I have a great example for you:

  1. You have the account entity
  2. I have an application where i have a couple of different types of persons
    1. Employees (with their specific information)
    2. Children (with their specific information)
  3. They all have an account, and the information should be linked directly to that account
  4. We used generalization to make the employee and child entity work as an account, this way the users can log in and have their information directly available (it becomes directly findable through the $CurrentUser)
  5. This also helps with navigation flows

Another example:

  1. We have Cases
    1. all cases have some general information
  2. We have specific types of cases
    1. Not every specific type needs all the information of the other specific type
  3. By using the generalization, we can specify very specific versions without having to share ALL information in 1 entity

So in short: use it to create smaller entities


Hi Naveen,

Refer to this for real-time example https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/entities/#generalization