Sync native applications profile data to web application after updation in native app.

Hi,  I am implementing an application in native + web. I have a persistable ‘profile’ entity which stores data about customer’s profile. In web application I can create a profile and save it. That same profile can be accessible in native with same data. I can update web profile and those changes reflects in native app. Similarly I want to achieve this thing in native, as I update profile data in native app for perticular user that should reflect in web application. The profile data is being saved in DB but it is not reflecting on web app. How can I achieve this?  Thanks in advanced.  
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Try to add synchronization activity in the nanoflow which is used for saving the profile.
That's helps to synchronize data from native to web application

Synchronizign from native have three options:

Synchronize All objects
Synchronize only unsynchronized objects
Synchronize only selected objects