Studio Pro 9.15.0/Make It Native 9 Database

Does anyone know if you define a persistent entity attribute/column as a 100 character string and if the row is written with no value in that column, will it consume 100 characters in the database?   If one was to guess, how much data in MBs or GBs can Studio Pro/Make It Native have in the database before it fails to load and will load in a reasonable amount of time? (probably a question no one has an answer to and I do realize it depends on the hardware used)   In this case Studio Pro Windows System 12 GB physical memory/auto Windows virtual memory/200+ GB SSD space Samsung Galaxy S10 4.1 GB available of 8 GB RAM Plus 80 GB internal storage available of 128 GB   Thanks Everyone
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Mendix uses PGSQL in the background, so you would need to refer to their documentation to find out how much space is taken up by a NULL value. Example:

Once you have all the information you can calculate the total amount of space required. I wouldn’t worry too much about database space when storing empty columns.