OQL/SaferOQL errors

From the Maketplace both OQL and SaferOQL load with a lot of errors. First one is:   ‘Atlas_UI_PopupLayout’ no longer exists   Others include java things.    Suggestions?
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hii Bill Fleming

for just right click on the page on which you see the error and click on create page template and while you going to click ok select default layout as layout  



and after that delete the previous page on which error was raised. 

you can directly delete the page if you don’t have to use that page where error raised without created template.


Download community commons from mendix market place. it will also remvove some errors if that was related to java actions. 


The first problem is likely caused by your app using Atlas_Core and you are importing modules that still are built using the older Atlas_UI_Resources. Mendix made big useful improvements with the introduction of Atlas_Core, but without backward compatibility. Hence the ‘Atlas_UI_PopupLayout’ no longer exists”.

The quick solution:

  • Rename Atlas_Core to Atlas_UI_Resources
  • Then rename ‘PopupLayout’ to ‘Atlas_UI_PopupLayout’.
  • You will get a popup, click ‘Yes’. Solving all the same error message in one go.
  • Then rename the layout back to 'PopupLayout’
  • Rename Atlas_UI_Resources to Atlas_Core

The second problem, the 'Java things’ will probably go away if you clean the <projectdirectory>/userlib from duplicate jar-files. Remove the ones that have the oldest version number.



Well, one step forward… 

Now the error is:

It does not seem to matter what I put after Select, it rejects everything.



SELECT Name FROM Sales.Customer