how do i access database view for a published app?

i know how to within studio pro for my local app, how do i access the data on my published app?
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You cannot directly access the database for a published app.  Even if you could, doing so would risk corrupting the database and rendering your database unusable by your app.


What I do when I need to manipulate data is create simple pages with datagrids and edit pages on each datagrid so I can find the record(s) that need to be changed and change them through the Mendix user interface.  Typically, I’ll create a configuration or admin menu pick that takes me to a page where I can access these pages.

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Is this Free app or Licensed app.


Always via the MBS, Mendix Business Server, and that means that you always need to have a page, microflow, or api etc that you created in your app, to modify any data.

There is the OQL module that lets you read any table, but it does not change any bit of data.

There is MxModelReflection, but also this does not change any bit of data.

So the only way is:

- create an interface of any kind

- deploy 

- use that interface.