Saving the data and View the response

Hi All, I have few questionary parts in the app that i am developing and so that once customer logins and he will attempts to answer those questions with answers. Once he as completed all those questions he should be able to View all the responses with questions and answers he has completed. How i can achieve this.
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Hello again


Entity setup

You’ll need to create an entity that looks similar to this

  • For now leave it as Persistable
  • If the answer should be in text, use String attribute
  • For multiple choice questions, use enumerations (Right click module > Add other > Enumeration)
  • For numbers-only answers, use integer (or float to accept decimals) 


Page setup

  • Add a page of type Wizard and it should look like this in Structure mode

  • Duplicate this page until you added all questions
  • Configure the Next and Previous buttons by changing their on click to show the correct page
  • Edit the appearance class of the wizard navigation, “wizard-step” “wizard-step wizard-step-active” or “wizard-step wizard-step-visited”


  • The last page should show all the questions and answers and add a save or delete button
  • As for the PDF export part, you’ll need to search and download from the Marketplace

Hello Prajwal,


If the questions are predefined and not randomized (in order):

You can save the user's answers in an object of a non-persistable entity (call it Answer for example)


Then you can display all the questions and answers using Text widget(s)


Hello again,


-For slider widget you should use Decimal attribute

-For drag and drop, I'm not sure. Can you tell me which widget is it?

-For questions that have more than one input, you can make have multiple attributes like:
Question1-1, Question1-2