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I have an external database running on Azure SQL Server. This database contains data that is collected with a scraper. When new data is available the scraper posts this data to the database. My goal is to display this data in the mendix app I am creating. However, users should have the ability to add rows, edit rows and delete rows as well. I have used the database replication module to replicate the data which works good. However, I now have 2 databases running that need to be synchronised.  Example: When my scraper finds a new input I want my user to see this input within a considerable timeframe (not more than an hour) or on refresh request. When my user adds data to the database I want my external database to update in order for my scraper not to find the same information and overwrite the user input through database replication module.  What would be the best practice to set up this “live” connection between my app, database and external database? I have been trying different options but I can’t seem to get it working.
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When you do not want to copy the data, you need a (at best ODATA) service on top of the Ature SQL database which you can connect your Mendix app to. Looks line Microsoft is already working on a service for this: