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I am new to Mendix and trying to understand the way the default database in Mendix is used.  I changed the default database in Configurations and connected to SQL Server.  Does it mean that I am able to access tables from my SQL server database in Mendix?  Say for example if I have an employee table in the SQL server DB, will I be able to access it from Mendix directly? Do I still have to use JDBC connectors?  
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Hi Madhavi,


you can access you SQL database easily,  but you have to do some configurations.

you can refer to this link if you have any doubts,


hope it helps!


Default database you configured only reflects the domain model tables and relations you have designed in your mendix app.

If you want to use or access any external db data then you need to use database connector module from marketplace




The database you set in the Project settings defines the database you use for local deployments. This database is the database used by the Mendix application and is orchestrated by the Mendix Model/Domain model. You cannot simply connect an existing database with existing tables and data to an Mendix app like this.


This option is available in the Mendix model to configure the local used database server with an Mendix app dedicated database. If you don't configure this, a locally running model will use a HSQL build-in database. Which is just fine for quick testing etc. But not suitable for proper datasets, testing etc.


For the Mendix dedicated database, you don't need to worry about the database connection, Mendix handles this out-of the-box.


If you want to connect with an existing database and its data use the database connector as Rishabh Shandilya mentions. But you still need a dedicated Mendix database!