Changing from user to match

I am creating a soccer prediction app. I now have a flow that makes a new prediction for every user and that is connected to a specific match. But the issue with that is when I make a new user it doesn’t make predictions for that new user.   
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Hi Max,

I think the error here is due to the naming. When you correct the naming, a more understandable situation will occur. For example, the object list you retrieved is user (or it can also be called player according to the context), but you have set its name as a match list. That's why it iterates every player for a match, not every match, in the loop. This microflow only estimates for 1 match object. That's why you need to trigger this microflow again for each match. If you can describe the problem in more detail , we may be able to assist you further .



Have you committed the new user to the database first?