Mysql query from dropdown input

I'm still relatively new to the Mendix world. To check the feasibility of my requirements, I have two tables in a MySQL database. Service providers are shown in one table, and the associated detailed data in the other table.   I would now like to select the service providers in a dropdown field and output the details in a list element.   I tried to create an object for the detailed data in the microflow and to transfer the value from the drop-down to an input variable. The idea was to include the value of the variable as a filter in the SQL statement. Unfortunately, I keep failing in this project... Is there another way, or is the query not possible at all?   I hope my problem is understandable. Many thanks in advance for your efforts.  
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I just built this scenario (I think) in Mendix.  It took me about 3 minutes.  Here is how I did it:


  1. I created this domain model:

  1. Then I added a page with a DataGrid pointed to Detail entity, like this:


  1. Finally, I added a Dropdown Search field to this datagrid pointed to ServiceProvider


With this page and domain model, I can select a Service provider in the search field, click search and I will see all associated Detail records.


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Thanks, but the problem is that my database is external. I have already recreated this basic example and was able to use it without any problems. But as soon as I try to integrate the data from the MySQL database, I unfortunately no longer get any results.


To avoid errors, I specially imported the structure with a JSON.

How do I get the two tables of the MySQL database linked in such a way that when I select the criteria from Table 1, the data from Table 2 is displayed? 

A link in the domain model has not worked so far. I ran the link as one too many.