Database only restore

Hi, I would like to run an SQL update query to update 7000 records in one of the tables. It would be easy to run the SQL script directly against the database. Our Mendix app is cloud hosted. I tried: Stop the app Take a snapshot Download snapshot Extract db.backup file from the snapshot Restore to postgresql locally on my PC Run SQL update script that changes date in a table Backup local database and place back in snapshot Compress snapshot with tar and gzip Upload snapshot back to the cloud Problem: The upload to the Mendix cloud always fails after it’s done processing. Not sure why. Any ideas? Question: If I download and upload the database only, no problem. However, Mendix warns, “Doing DB only restore well not make the application work as expected!” Should I be worried about doing a database only restore? Thanks for you help, Eric    
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Not sure what the error is, there might be an issue with the changes you are making with the script.

Any errors in that log file?

Restoring a db only might show issues with the files that are not restored. So a record for the file might be in the db, while the file itself isn’t available. This is what is meant with the warning. Nothing to worry about in your case I supect (not knowing what script you ar erunning however).

Maybe the easiest solution is to perform the update/conversion with a microlfow action in stead of the direct SQL approach.