Excel import and summing values when the name of a column is the same

Hee guys,   I have a question regarding excel import and adding values that are obtained from the excel file.    We are importing an excel file and we want to add the flows that have the same pipenumber.  See snapshot below.   So we want to add the values of the flows (column A) when the pipe name (column B) is the same. So we want to add the flow values from the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 8th row. And this value (total_flow) is then given to an attribute of an different entity which is created in the domain model.    The excel is way bigger than this of course and all the rows are imported one by one, as the excel importer does.  I am thinking of a conditional statement in the order of if name is the same, then sum flow or something in a microflow, but I am not getting there.    Help is appreciated!  
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