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Hi, I have started my application development in mainline and after few days i have created a separate development branch from mainline and for mainline and development line version was different. I have deployed my development changes to acceptance environment and  after 3months when i have changed the main line version same as development version and merged the  development changes to mainline. Now, when i have deployed the mainline to the acceptance environment data in the table is not showing. I am not understanding what is the issue, can somebody tell me what is the issue and how can i resolve this?
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Hi Chandan,


From the question, I think to understand that the Entity that is missing you created in the development branch. I’m not sure about this:

1). You merged that one into main, and now the Entity is not showing in the Domain model.

2).  You merged that one into main, and now the Entity is showing in the Domain model, but not in the database.


1). Can be caused is you clicked the wrong option when merging conflicts were raised. In that case, just revert to a previous version of both and perform the merge again or just fix forward.

2). I think if you are looking at the database, you ale looking at the wrong one. Open the database when running the application locally, and you should see the table for sure.


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