How to create a db.backup file from the local built-in database?

I have data in my local development environment that I would like to upload to the live site. I would rather not do this using the excel importer since that is slow and changes the data sometimes.   Here’s what I’ve tried: It looks like the ‘Upload Backup’ option in the Mendix console requires a .backup file. However, when I go to my local environment, version control, and ‘Add Snapshot of Data’, it creates a file. After ‘Add Snapshot of Data’, which adds the data to the commit,. I tried to see if there was an option for including that data when creating a deployment package or restarting the application, but I couldn’t see that option. I tried using pgAdmin4 to select the file and create a backup, but it only showed empty tables and didn’t create a .backup file as far as I could tell. If there is some way to upload the database from my local Mendix application to the live site, that would be helpful.  
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Hi Michael,


If want a db backup of the built in, inclusing all your data, I think your best option is to run a Excel exporter on that entity or grid overview and extport the entity data to excel. Almost all database management systems allow you to import data from excel.


If data is not important, you can connect to several relational database (check modeller Settings > Configurations for the exact options). Mendix domain controller is in charge, so by providing the db host, Mendix will automatically generate a complete database including table and attribute structure for you.


Hope this help. Good luck with it.