resetting hslqdb in 9.19

Hi Experts,   I’ve searched on how to reset the hsqldb in a Mendix app. A forum question and answer shows up. However, and I am using Studio Pro 9.19 here, I do not find a database folder in my Mendix/<app_name> folder structure. I’d like to reset my default database as I have object corruption after a crash and now I have Studio Pro complaining there are errors in a pop-up but there are no indicated errors in the normal window where they otherwise show up. Mendix support’s answer is that I have to re-write the entire app (a huge one by now, and not a solution). I was wondering if I can reset the HSQLDB database, but I can’t find it in the old 8.* classic structure? Any ideas where the database resides and how I can get rid of it?
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Hey Ron,

You can delete your entire database using the mendix model reflection module and the community commons java action delete all.


The java action will delete an entire table using the module name and the table name.

ex: MyFirstModule.Table


The model reflection keep a record of every table that you sync with the module name and table name. So you can retrieve all the model reflection objects and use the delete all java action in an iterator. 

Here is an example. If you copy this link you can import it into your mendix project by pressing ctrl-v.


Also, this will only work if you run the model reflection and have all modules checked when you sync everything. 



Here is the links to the model reflection module and the community commons module


Hope it helps!