Add prod data snapshot to local - without PostGres manually

Is there a way to take a snapshot of the data from a prod environment and have anyone trying to update their local branch automatically download that data locally WITHOUT going through the process of installing PostGRESQL and restoring manually?   We have some junior guys working with mendix and it would be nice for them to be able to do some experimenting locally with actual data that only exists in the cloud. It would take forever to recreate it locally and I dont want them going through the whole process of dealing with database management on their machines.
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This would require a conversion from a postgres database to a local hsql database and AFAIK this is not readily available.

Using postgres locally would be the easy route, I don’t see any big obstacles to junior devs to use postgres on their local machine. I have lots of experience with people being new to Mendix that can easily handle the install and usage of a postgres database on their local machine. I think that this will outweigh the complexity of trying to get some sort of conversion between a postgres and hsql database on their local machines.