Integer number calculated by a microflow

I’m working on a notification number that should reflect the amount of x elements available.  I create in the domain model an attribute of type integer (lets called, “NotificationNumber” ) that is calculated based on a microflow that consist on a retrieve of the elements with 3 xpath filters and a subsequent count action, also the microflow gives back this integer number.    But, the number continues on 0 any ideas on how to solve this?  (the permissions are in order)   Also the notificationnumber atributte is displayed inside a dataview in order to see it*
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​​​​​When is the microflow triggered? Is it set as the microflow for an calculated attribute?

If so, can you share the microflow?

Or is the microflow set a event handler?

In that case;

  1. ensure that the event handler is at least triggered once
  2. check if you have the event at the right entity

The domain model with the entitie person and inside the atribute notification number, that is calculated by the microflow below

and last, in a snipet (to use it in many pages) the notification number in a data view conected to a microflow that retrives the “person” entitie, with an xpath [System.owner='[%CurrentUser%]'], this could also be used from the database and put the xpath directly.