many entries System.ScheduledEventsQueue

platform informed me yesterday, that there are 11.8% percent of freeable memory  in my database (test node, that more or less is sitting there idle).   investigated database and found 1 table ‘system$processedqueuetask’ with 38MB; with a lot of System.ScheduledEventsQueue entries.   first entry dates 2022-10-25, is this normal? or do I have to setup a cleaning schedule somewhere.   thx for your advice in advance.    
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Take a look at:

In Mendix versions 9.9.0 and above, the System.ProcessedQueueTask can be cleaned up automatically by specifying the com.mendix.core.ProcessedTasksCleanupAge runtime setting. This setting specifies (in milliseconds) how old rows in the table have to be before they are automatically cleaned up.

In versions of Mendix below 9.9.0, you can clean up old tasks by creating a microflow for administrators to use if the table gets too large.