Data is not inserted into the database but no error log

I have two microflows, which are called separately through the two buttons on the page. Their execution results should be the same,both insert a record into the database. However,the execution result of the first program is insert one record, The second is not, and no error log If change sleep time to 540000ms, then both microflows can insert data If change sleep time to 600000ms, sometimes their results are the same, sometimes only the first microflow inserts data It looks like 600000ms is a critical value. Which setting item controls this? Why the data is not inserted into the database but no error log?
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As both microflows are performing the commit, one directly and the other after the sleep action, you’d expect both MFs to create the record. As this seems to be time sensitive one thing springs to mind and that would be that this could have something todo with garbage collection in the JVM. Strange that no error is thrown however, maybe a question for Mendix support?