Trigger on On Change from Inline Edit of Data Grid

Hi Guys,     Is there any way to trigger a Microflow on Inline Edit in DataGrid? The DataGrid is nested in Another List View so I could not use "Listen to Widget" and trigger the Microflow.     I need to make a Refresh of the Page when a Attribute is changed from Data Grid - the only option I found useful is dirty workaround with "Microflow Timer". Any other Solution?      Kind regards, Aleksandar Alempic
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Can you use a datagrid 2 widget in your listview with custom content for the column containing the value that needs to trigger after a change? This is quite easy with the datagrid 2.0 widget, no dirty tricks needed.

Other option would be use the datagrid and use the events on the entity to trigger a refresh from that. Not completely dirty, but a bit on the gray side though.