How do I save the changes directly to SQL Server Database

I have connected to a SQL server Database and created couple of data grids to view the data in a particular format. My challenge is, Now I have a free text column where the user can enter the comments and when it is saved, it should update the changes to the Database? I am new to Mendix and any leads will be helpful. Thanks a lot :)  
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Do you use the SQL database as direct database for the Mendix application or are you using the database connector?

The first situation:

  • When using the default save button in a edit page the data is directly committed to the database. 
  • When editting in the datagrid directly, all changes are committed directly after change

Second situation

  • Depends on the scenario, but in the end always use the functions you have out of the database connector modul to commit

Note: when you are new to Mendix; the second option shouldn't be the first you are trying out. First get the understanding of the platform