Connecting to external database (SQL) from Mendix Private Cloud

I created a Mendix app that pulls information from my on-premise database using the DatabaseConnector module. For logging into the database, I use three constants: the jdbc url, the user, and the password. The jdbc string is ‘jdbc:sqlserver://Hostname;database=Database;’. I am using Mendix 9.18.4.   Everything seems to work fine locally, however, when I publish to the Private Cloud, it simply refuses and throws the TCP/IP error: The TCP/IP connection to the host name, port 1433 has failed. I checked my on-prem server and the port seems to be fine, accepting 1433. Is there anything wrong with my connection string or?
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Does your network allow incoming connections from external IP addresses? I would assume there is a firewall in the way preventing access. I would suggest checking this with your local network administrator and if there is, ask for a way into the network for your app.

Good luck!