Mapping Tables

Hi folks,   as far as i understand Mendix, every association is stored as a mapping table in the underlying DB in my case this is postgresql. Normally if you have a mapping table in other enviroments you have the ability to add further columns into a mapping table.   f.e.: Table User has some columns and table employee has also some columns, so now if i connect both of them i get a mapping table (Mendix: Association), normally i would have the ability to add another column in this mapping table f.e. a boolean like “active”.   So my question is how to incorporate somthing like this in mendix?   Kind Regards Basti   p.s.: Sorry if my english isn´t the best, it´s not my native language. Version 9.22.
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Hi Sebastian,


In the associationtables you cannot add any attributes yourself.

For your use case you have 2 options:


The option to do this is to manually create a mapping table yourself if you want to store extra information on the association. So f.e. you would get User → UserEmployee → Employee as entities. This would create 2 EXTRA tables (1 extra mapping table and 1 extra table that is adjustable with attributes. 


Another option is to have 2 associations between the entities, in which 1 is for the “active” version and the other one is for all. But this will still create an extra table as each association is a table in itself.