How to connect and fetch data from an external database into domain model without using SELECT statement in EXECUTE QUERY in a Microflow

Currently I’m using EXECUTE QUERY widget in Microflow to fetch data and using it in data grid with Microflow as a source.   This is working as expected but is creating a problem for me with the time it is taking by the microflow to execute the SQL Query and fetch data. Is there a way to fetch/update the required data from an external database directly without using microflow?   Need help with the below  How to create a direct connection to database and fetch the data into LIST VIEW and DATA GRIDs as soon we open the application? Is there any way to keep the application cacheing the data in its cloud server (Mendix application layer) before/after deployed, so it can fetch the data straight away without taking time? Is there a way to SQL Query the export data from the database and store it to domain model layer of the application which can be directly used by list views and data grids?   Please help in suggesting any other ways as well. Thanks in advance.      
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