Trigger changedDate on parent entity with reference set sele

We use the Account Administration module and have a “many to many” relationship between users and another entity called “Projects”.  Is there any way when a new project is added with a reference set selector, to update the “changedDate” of the Account entity?    The “changedDate” only updates if you actually change something in the Account entity itself (or click a save button we have) manually.  Users are supposed to click the Save button, but they don’t always do it. We basically have a web service that runs daily,  feeding this Account-Project data somewhere. With thousands of users, we only want to get ones that were updated recently so we rely on this “changedDate”.    For deletes, it’s easy instead of a “Delete” button I can make an Action button with “Delete” text that triggers a microflow. But with “ADDING”, the button opens a page with job options and then the popup page’s SELECT button sets the association, but there’s no way to manually recreate that addition logic in a microflow. I tried creating an action button in the SELECT page popup to trigger a microflow, hoping it would pass the Account AND the Project List as parameters, but the only parameter that is passed is the “Project List”, unfortunately.   The only two things I can think of are Create an “intermediary” entity called “Project Assignments” to put between the Account and Assignment, but it would require a massive amount of redesign.  Add some kind of ajax call when the Select button is clicked to trigger a commit on the Account entity, but my gut tells me that this would be 100% reliable (if a user closes the window too quickly for example)
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I can think of some options:


1) use the (simple) checkbox selector for reference set. Within these widgets you can add events. 


2) use a npe helper and a custom page to select the projects and use an action button to transfer the selected projects to the account