Executed parameterized query wont read variable

Hi Mendix colleauges,   Within an application (.9.22) I run an Execute parameterized query that send 3 values to a SQL database through a Stored Procedure. select zz_custom_stored_procedure( {1}, {2}, {3}, 0 )as result these values are {1} = integer, {2} = string, {3} = integer.   When I replace the {2} placeholder with a hardcoded value, the Stored procedure works. When I dynamically fetch this value from the object and parse it via placeholder {2},  it will not r send to the Stored Procedure. I do have granted the correct user permission to both the Microflow as well to the entity/attribute. I also can see during debugging that the string value for placeholder {2} is created, but it does not reflect back on the database side. Any help or advice on how to fix this Executed parameterized query issue is much appreciated. Thanks, Jan 
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Hi Jan,


I'm not sure what “select zz_custom_stored_procedure( {1}, {2}, {3}, 0 )as result” means in your logic.
Below is what I usually do to call a stored procedure and pass parameters to it.



Hope it helps.