Commit scope advantages

What are the advantages of commit scope vs not using the commit scope? I saw a question here on the forum about commit scope and after searching I had some doubts
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Hi Gonçalo,

First, let me clarify to you what is the commit scope.

Commit Scope is a framework that you help you keep the maintenability of the project in the easiest way possible. By using it if you give your project to another person, he/she will be able to understand and modify the project without any difficulty since all validations, commits, actions and business rules will be in specific places in the project.


Usually the structure of the folders is always the same:

ACT → BP → VAL → SV → BR (It is also possible to have other prefixes such as SUB)


 The microflows themselves are also designed in order to maintain a pattern but that it is possible for everyone to understand it. For example, most BP will look like this: Where most of the Business process will be here.



When carrying out attribute validations, we have a feedback object available that we can use to ensure that no commits are made if there is any error in this validation.


This was just a small explanation of how it works. If you are interested in a more in-depth explanation, contact with me.

I hope it helps! Best Regards,

Ricardo Pereira