Can I import data from the SQL server database into the Mendix table?

I have replaced the built-in database for storing data in Mendix with an SQL server database.I have replaced the built-in database for storing data in Mendix with an SQL server database. I want to set a button on the web page where users can click the button to import data from the database into the data grid of the current page. My current idea is to touch the microflow through a button, as shown in the following figure. The first action is the module in the database connector that calls the SQL statement. I use it to retrieve data and then recycle to create objects. But in the end, when importing data on the page, it kept reporting errors. What is the reason for this? Is there any solution? Or can I implement my ideas through other methods? Looking forward to enthusiastic people answering my questions.    
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you can import data from a SQL Server database into a Mendix application using the Mendix Data Importer module. Here's how: Install the Mendix Data Importer module, Configure the database connection, Define the mapping, Define the import settings, Run the import.

It's important to note that the Data Importer module can import data from a wide range of data sources, not just SQL Server databases. However, the process for importing data from different sources may vary slightly


According to the error prompt "Please make sure the userlib folder ...", I think you should double check if there is appropriate jar in that folder. The key point is the version of everything.
Mendix version, DatabaseConnector version, jdbc driver version, SQL server version.

My used relevant version for your reference.
Mendix V9.12.5
DatabaseConnector V5.0.6
jdbc driver mssql-jdbc-12.2.0.jre11.jar
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