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Where are the Sign in credentials saved. I’m creating my own Sign up page, and I need to know where to save the account, in order to be able to Sign in after that.
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This video provides some insight how to customize your login page:




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To save accounts for users to sign in, you want to make use of the account entity in the Administration module:

You can then use the Account entity for your registration page. Make sure to give the account an appropriate user role (if the user role is left blank, the user can’t sign in).


You can also use the account entity through association. In my example I’ve created an Employee entity and added an association to the Account entity:


If you’re creating accounts with the use of association, you may need a microflow to ensure both entities are saved correctly. In my example, I call a microflow once I press the create/save button on my registration form –  I create the employee entity on the registration page then create the account entity in a microflow.

Mendix also has a really good section in their rapid learning path that goes through this:


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        the daefult sign in details will store in account entity automatically